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The history of the company “Zegal Shomal Co.” goes back to 1963, when we started to produce variety range of notebooks in order to cover customers’ demands in schools & offices.

We started to experience importing stationery products step by step. By 1981, we successfully became Iran’s most powerful importer from Spain, Japan & South Korea.

We were not conceited by being a strong importer because we kept in mind that our primary mission is to expand domestic stationery production.

Accordingly, Zegal Shomal Co. was founded in 1991 by establishing eraser, pastel & ruler production lines in Rasht city & Kish Island.

Zegal Shomal Co. was transformed to be Iran’s biggest stationery manufacturer by purchasing STAEDTLER Iran factory in 2007.

Taking the advantage of increasing the production capacity & being well- equipped by European’s modern technology in the field of pencil & eraser

production,Zegal Shomal Co., had been honored to get ISO9001 by D.N.V Norway.

Employees, is supplying different range of stationery products (pencil, color pencil, eraser, sharpener & pens) to world-wide well-known brands.

This prestige is reflected in the fact that Zegal Shomal Co. beside Marco Dach, Spain, is manufacturer of Factis products.

At the same time, Zegal Shomal Co. is sole agent of , Miquelrius (Spain), Deli (China) in Iran.

The long-lasting presence of Factis products in Iran’s market proves Customer’s belief in the products, the strong belief that surely origins in their childhood beautiful memories.